Brand Identity and The Twitter Roast Crown

I bet you’re wondering if Wendy’s – yes, the fast food joint – ever gets tired of wearing the Twitter comedy roast crown. I doubt they do. The brand has embraced the platform as the medium by which an entire persona has been written into existence for the brand.

And it has led to consistent sales growth since their first comedic tweet back in 2017.

Wendy’s has utilized the social platform, Twitter, as a means to develop their brand identity in a comedic fashion. They’ve succeeded in being social with the public by “roasting” their own customers and industry-specific competition. A comedic roast is a form of humor where another, usually a member of the audience, is the subject to a joke at their own personal expense. Wendy’s tweets have given them the opportunity to communicate daily with their audience, while strategically moving them into a premium position amongst their competition in the fast-food industry.

As their Twitter biography states, their tweets and hamburgers are “better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.”

Leveraging the comedic roast format to build a strong brand identity has been successful for Wendy’s because it humanizes what would otherwise be an objective entity. In the same manor that blog posts bring an audience closer to the writer, Twitter’s daily users feel connected to the brand because they can relate to the authenticity and playfulness of Wendy’s roasts: Almost as though they know and can identify with the brand’s personality.

This is a significant transition from typical e-commerce brand development and communication. As opposed to building closed email lists and marketing promotional content, Wendy’s is leveraging the fast-paced format of Twitter to reach their audience in seconds. The former is a mode of mass communications that is dying as users spend much of their time on different social platforms, consuming content similar to Wendy’s. And it’s no longer just Wendy’s roasting their audience on Twitter. Burger King, Pop Tart, and similar brands that sell consumer packaged goods have hopped on the comedy roast train and have also developed a strong brand identity.

If it works for them, it may work for you and your product. Get to Tweeting!


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