What is a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency, and Do You Need One?

Members of a conversation rate optimization agency look at a phone as they analyze a client's content.

Businesses are all about converting leads into paying customers. It’s no wonder the term “conversion rate optimization” receives 4.7 thousand searches monthly! If you want to know more about CRO, you’re in luck. Today we’re going to discuss what a conversion rate optimization agency is, and if you need one.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization involves increasing the volume of online consumers who complete a desired action on a company’s website. Often companies have forms they want leads to fill out or links they want to be clicked. For instance, online shopping services like Amazon want their customers to click the “add to cart” button.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Websites may get a lot of traffic, but if only a few people actually make purchases, a company won’t thrive. Conversation rate optimization turns a greater portion of website visitors into paying customers by analyzing data from their target audience and changing the sales experience to fit their needs. That means more money and company growth! (You can also use “growth hacking” to boost conversion. Check out our post, “What is a Growth Marketing Agency, and Do You Need One?” for more information!)

Conversion Rate Optimization Agencies

If you need help turning visitors into paying customers, you can contact a conversation rate optimization agency or specialist. Conversion rate optimization agencies can help with the following:

Identify Your Target Audience

Good CRO agencies help identify your target audience and develop a strategy to reach that specific demographic.

Analyze Data

Specialists search your website data to determine where your traffic comes from. Next, they craft specialized calls-to-action (CTAs) for each landing page and perform A/B (split) testing. (A/B testing simply means you display more than one version of a web page or similar content to different visitors and see which gets more positive interactions from consumers.)

Determine Which Areas of Your Website Matter Most

Not all areas of your website will perform equally. CRO agencies identify which parts of your website carry the most potential for increasing revenue and put all their focus into improving them. These high-impact areas ultimately bring positive long-term results, which is why a good agency focuses on them first.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the process potential consumers go through before purchasing a product or service. Typically, the steps in a sales funnel follow a pattern like this:


Website visitors become aware of who you are and what you’re offering.


Visitors decide whether or not a product or service fits their needs.


Potential consumers start looking through pricing and packages to make a final purchasing decision.


Consumers make a purchase.

Conversion optimization specialists ensure every step of your sales funnel runs smoothly for the best results.

Boost Social Media Marketing

CRO agencies perform constant testing to ensure your social media posts reach the right target audience. They build your audience and make every paid ad count.

How to Choose the Right Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

CRO agencies should be data-driven and user-focused. A good CRO specialist will evaluate all of your site’s data before offering any solutions. They’ll also optimize your content specifically for your users.

Stay away from CRO agencies that rely on experience rather than data. What works from one company to another depends on unique factors, and specialists should always draw conclusions and make suggestions based on your personal data. Beware also of those who use shortcuts like offering discounts to drive conversion. Even if more people buy your product, it won’t result in better revenue because you’re charging less. You should find an agency that supports long-term results.

Final Thoughts on Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the most important aspects of business is converting leads and website visitors into paying customers. Therefore, you should focus on CRO. If you need help boosting your conversion rates and optimizing your website, book a call with our experts today!