What is a Marketing Consultant, and Do You Need One?

A female business owner calls a marketing consultant for advice.

Marketing is crucial for company growth. It’s how you get word out about your company and shape consumers’ perceptions of how they view you. Unfortunately, not every company has an in-house team to handle its strategy. And even companies with in-house marketing teams may find their employees aren’t performing well. In these situations, marketing consultants come in handy.

What Does a Marketing Consultant do?

Marketing consultants mainly advise companies. They may also evaluate your current marketing strategy or develop one for you. Additionally, marketing consultants can:

  • organize and implement marketing campaigns
  • teach your marketing team best practices
  • recommend content ideas
  • suggest ways to improve workflow
  • propose new methods to reach consumers
  • design or re-design your website
  • build your sales funnel
  • help with company branding and re-branding
  • write content

Once marketing consultants implement a new strategy or campaign for your company, they track its effectiveness using analytical tools.

Options When Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants either work independently or for an agency. Solo consultants usually specialize in one or two services like strategy (figuring out what your company should do) or planning (determining who does what and when). Agency offer everything from strategy to execution (implementing the plan). Because agencies have more people and resources, they can offer more options. But both solo marketing consultants and agencies are good choices depending on your needs.

When You May Need a Solo Consultant:

  • You are a startup who only needs strategy and planning because you aren’t ready to execute anything yet.
  • You’ve already developed a strategy and plan and need help executing them.  
  • Your in-house marketing team needs guidance.

When You May Need an Agency:

  • You need help long-term.
  • You require a wide range of services.
  • You can’t afford to lose your marketing consultant if he or she gets sick, goes on vacation, or quits. A fully-staffed agency offers more stability and assurance if you are on a deadline.

Pros and Cons of Solo Consultants vs. Agencies

Naturally, both solo marketing consultants and agencies have pros and cons. If you’re still undecided about which marketing consultancy is right for you, consider these factors:

Solo Consultant Pros:

  • Solo marketing consultants charge less than agencies.
  • You can work with someone one-on-one. This means a more personalized experience.

Solo Consultant Cons:

  • Solo marketers offer less services.
  • Solo marketers are balancing multiple clients by themselves, which may mean less time for your company.

Agency Pros:

  • You get a full team of experts and access to a wide range of services like SEO, content-writing, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Agencies have multiple workers, meaning they can dedicate more time to your company.

Agency Cons:

  • Agencies cost more.
  • You don’t always choose who you work with, so the experience is less personalized.

What’s the Bottom Line?

When your current marketing strategy isn’t working or needs a boost, it may be time to hire marketing help. Depending on your company’s needs, you could hire either a solo marketing consultant or an agency. You should reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of each and make a wise choice, especially when you have limited resources and can’t afford to waste money on the wrong expert.

If you need marketing help and would like to explore your options – book a call with our experts today!